Richmond-Wayne, IN

At the heart of every getaway is passion – for a new place, a new adventure, even a palate pleasing experience – a destination that will awaken all your senses.

Acclaimed chefs are raising Richmond’s culinary fare to new heights with many tapping into locally sourced organic produce and meats. The Old Richmond Inn has been the core of fine dining since 1984. Classic dishes with international influences are created by chef/owner Galo Molina. Lifeblood to Hoosiers, the breaded pork tenderloin at Lumpy’s Café is served to enthusiastic patrons. In the Historic Depot District, you’ll find an evolving dining scene. The Cordial Cork Restaurant & Wine Bar serves fresh fare, crafted cocktails and top-quality wines. At the Firehouse BBQ & Blues, hickory smoked BBQ is offered along with a side of Blues music.

An invigorating ethnic scene spices up meal options featuring Thai, Indian, Italian, Greek, Mexican, and Chinese restaurants. Gulzar’s Indian Cuisine features the best of curry dishes prepared with fresh herbs, seasonings and meats cooked in a clay oven. Just a few blocks away, the welcoming aroma of fresh Italian specialties at Galo’s Italian Grill is sure to ignite the senses.

Be sure to sip and savor local brews and wine along the Heartland Wine and Ale Trail, and chocolate lovers will delight in the legendary Chocolate Trail which is free and offered year-round.

Allow some time to explore. Art is big. Huge, even. Sometimes three stories tall and visible from blocks away. Here, you’ll see 80 vibrant murals woven along city streets. Wayne County is a place where every brick tells a story. At the Levi & Catharine Coffin House, heart strings will be pulled when you learn about fugitive slave’s quest for freedom. Take time to trek along the Historic National Road, stroll through neighborhoods full of antique shops (a.k.a. Indiana’s Antique Alley), studios, eateries, greenspace, and lovingly restored early 19th century homes and warehouses.

Fill your senses with the sights, sounds, and tastes of Wayne County. 

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