Albany, NY

Albany has a rich history dating back more than 400 years. When Henry Hudson arrived in 1609, the area was already home to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and the Dutch had established a trading post.

In 1797, Albany became the official capital of New York State. Since then, Albany has been a center for banking, railroads, and international trade. The telegraph, electric motor, and celluloid plastic were all pioneered here. Albany was also the point of origin for the first long distance airplane flight and the first passenger railroad.

In addition to the many inventions and “firsts” that stem from Albany there have also been culinary staples developed in New York’s capital city. Did you know that the first brewery in North America was located right here in Albany? And there’s a rumor the bakers’ dozen is a term first coined here. 

Albany County has emerged as a culinary hotspot. Surrounded by rich farmland, and just a short jaunt from international gateways like New York City and Boston, you’ll find our kitchen brimming with creativity. The region is blessed with a wealth of chefs who graduated from the nearby Culinary Institute of America and it’s also familiar terrain for pioneering chefs, who seek an opportunity for their own start-up restaurants.

From food trucks servicing the many New York state employees at the Empire State Plaza during the lunch-time blitz to the Historic Downtown Albany Food Tour that takes attendees on a journey of Albany’s history through the booming restaurant and craft beverage scene, Albany is further identifying itself as upstate New York’s Culinary Capital. 

With a plethora of dining options, locals and visitors alike can sample fine fare from both land and sea, exceptional local entrees, and international cuisine. From charming outdoor patios, to trendy spots with flavorful dishes, to cozy pubs with great Happy Hour specials, everyone can find a place in Albany County to satisfy their taste buds.

Come and discover why Albany is upstate New York’s Culinary Capital.

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