Worcester County, MD

Visitors to the beach know Maryland’s Eastern Shore well from summertime visits to Ocean City and Assateague Island hikes to see wild horses, but the burgeoning beer scene offers a reason to visit year round. Worcester County, on Maryland’s Atlantic coast is home to four breweries, a distillery and winery with more than 26 breweries across the Delmarva Peninsula.

We pride ourselves in producing exceptional beer (and food) in an ecologically responsible way.

We utilize local ingredients because the products are just better, and it helps our neighbors. 

Ocean City is home to Fin City Brewing Company, Backshore Brewing and OC Brewing Company while Berlin- named America’s coolest small town by Budget Travel Magazine– is home to Burley Oak Brewery. And soon to open Assateague Brewery, our first farm brewery. 

Walk into any bar or bottle shop across America these days and the healthy selection of local craft beer is evidence that the artisanal food movement has reached the tap. Discover and enjoy our wide variety of local beers, spirits and wines. 

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