Juneau, AK

Juneau, Alaska is a small city of big flavors. Enjoy some of the freshest fish you’ll ever eat, sustainably sourced from nearby waters. Indeed, Juneau’s unfathomably wild coastline provides a feast for the eyes as well as the table, with five species of Pacific salmon, plus halibut, crab, scallops, spot prawns, rockfish, black cod and any other local catch-of-the-day. Discover Juneau’s burgeoning food scene created by a fresh batch of culinary artists, including a James Beard Foundation semifinalist and a Michelin star-trained chef, create contemporary cuisine inspired by the bounty of Southeast Alaska. Of course, their inventive menus feature wild Alaska seafood; but they also showcase other locally harvested ingredients such as spruce tips, bull kelp and Devil’s Club (the cactus of the northern rainforest). Choose from an ever-expanding selection of restaurants, from fine dining to food carts, small plates to buckets of king crab, with many options conveniently located right downtown. Try a food tour now operating in the Capital City, explore the many food trucks found on the docks, go where the locals go for artisanal baked goods, artisanal charcuterie (ever try reindeer prosciutto?) and even artisanal ice cream at a parlor where chocolate and vanilla meet flavors like fireweed and herring roe wasabi. Of course, nothing pairs better with a rainy Southeast Alaska day than locally roasted coffee. Juneau is home to dozens of independently owned and operated coffee shops—you’ll find one (or more) on every block, and not a chain in sight. Desiring something a little stronger? In Juneau, old-time saloons (some dating back to the Gold Rush era) share the street with sleek modern cocktail bars. Duck in for some award-winning local craft beer or local small-batch spirits, brewed with indigenous botanicals and water straight from the Coastal Mountains. Eating and drinking in Juneau: a whole different kind of Alaskan adventure. 

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