Pella, Iowa

The heart of Iowa is the perfect setting to enjoy the common thread that binds us all together – FOOD! We all know that food is the cornerstone of a good time so there is no better way to jump into the culinary culture of our area than to enjoy the fruits of our labors. The diverse communities of Oskaloosa, Leighton, Pella, Knoxville and Pleasantville will immerse you in a variety of nuances in culture and taste. From apples to zucchini, from breweries to bakeries, from old world recipes to new food innovations, there are many delights to tickle your palate’s fancy.

For this reason, we have developed our A to Z Foodie Trail to showcase many of our award winning food and beverage offerings. The tasty items on this trail are bursting with local flavors that are unique to Central Iowa.

You will get to taste everything from A to Z including Blonde Fatale Beer from Peace Tree Brewing Company, Chocolate Wooden Shoes and Tulips from Van Veen Chocolates, Dutch Letters and St. Nick Cookies from Jaarsma Bakery, Gouda Cheese Curds from Frisian Farms Cheese House, Iowa Wines from The Wijn House, Leighton Brats from Leighton Locker, Mayan Mocha Martini from A & P Pub and Northcote’s Bigfoot Tenderloins from Northcote Meats.

More stops include: Oskyfizzante Wine from Tassel Ridge Winery, Pigs in the Blanket from Vander Ploeg Bakery, Queen Bloody Mary from The Cellar Peanut Pub (a national award winner!), Summer Sausage & Dried Beef from In’t Veld’s Meat Market, Genuine Pella Bologna from Ulrich’s Meat Market, Windmill Wheat Flour from Pella Historical Village & Vermeer Mill, and finally, Yoga Poser Pale Ale from NoCoast Beer Company.

Keep your ears – and appetites – tuned for South Central Iowa’s own A to Z Foodie Trail!

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