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Cultural and Culinary Diversity from Around the Globe.

Food is increasingly at the center of our everyday, creating opportunity for traditional and food fusions to take off. The DFW area may get recognition for some great restaurants, but the “City of Excellence” has a food scene of high caliber. If you’re looking for an opportunity to try food from all over the globe, feast your eyes on Plano, Texas – (yes, Texas.)

Plano boasts over 800 restaurants, making it a food conglomerate comprised of a high volume of restaurants per capita. The city has birthed some of the most popular restaurants in Texas, like Whiskey Cake and its famous Shishito Peppers; and has continued to grow in culinary influence due to an influx of new residents from all over the United States moving for new business opportunities.

The ever-evolving food scene is ripe for those who are looking to satisfy their palate. In the height of food truck fare, you can find a brick-and-mortar restaurant scene rich in foodie fusions, but not forgetting the delicate details of simple, yet sophisticated dishes from countries all over the world.

Plano invites guests to discover the culinary rich food offerings the best way they know how. At the intersection of cultures, not native to Dallas, satisfy the insatiable global cravings of your #PlanoPalate. The most authentic of Asian cuisine can be located at Yao Fuzi, a family owned and operated restaurant. Their soup dumplings are hand-rolled to perfection, ensuring no flavor is lost between being rolled, cooked, and placed on your table. As the steam is released from the lid, you’re immediately transported to remote areas of China.

Pizza in Plano is everything to write home about, especially if you’re looking for California inspired dishes that go well with wine. If you’re traveling for business or pleasure, make sure to check out Sixty Vines for one of the best pizza tasting experiences of your life. Each dish is crafted with wine in mind – which comes on tap to bridge the flavor gap between your food and the ultimate Napa food travel experience.

Recently famous for its latest celebrity appearance by David Hasselhoff, XO Coffee Company boasts daily made cake that truly does “take the cake.” If sweets aren’t your thing, get your coffee fix with nitrogen infused cold brew coffee on tap, or sip on a seasonal latte with just enough flavor to power you through your day.

In the middle of the Shops at Legacy, you can find Spanish inspired paella at Mexican Sugar. It pairs well with a refreshing cocktail called “Machete” – a beautiful beverage that’s as equally spicy as it is flavorful, with a house made serrano infused tequila.

If you’re looking for one of the best burgers you’ve ever feasted on, try your taste buds at Kenny’s Burger Joint. Kenny brings the flavor with his Jucy Lucy burger that’s stuffed with cheese, but if you’re looking for a true queso experience, enter: Bud’s Queso burger. It’s smothered with queso and topped with bacon, jalapenos, and sautéed onions.

Looking to try before you buy? Feast your eyes on Plano’s new source for all things food – that’s Tempting. Known for its ability to take you right into the restaurant through video, that’s Tempting highlights over 800 Plano restaurants. Visit,, and to be immersed in all things Plano food.

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