Jackson, MS

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that  the “City with Soul”, is home to a James Beard American Classic restaurant named Bully’s, which caters to soul food. Nor the fact that their dishes are made from scratch. It shouldn’t even be a surprise that a beloved Jackson chef, Nick Wallace, is often summoned to the prestigious James Beard House in New York. Guests from around the world marvel at old heritage recipes from his grandmother prepared with the finest Mississippi ingredients.

The fact that the American Seafood King, Chef Alex Eaton, rests his apron at The Manship in Jackson may come as a surprise, as Jackson is not resting on the shores of a pristine beach.

Now what may be most surprising is the heavy Greek influence on the culinary scene in Jackson. In the early 1900’s Greek immigrants came to Jackson seeking a new life and in search of opportunity. Most found themselves in the restaurant industry like the two friends from the island of Patmos, George Kountouris and John Goura who opened the Mayflower in 1935. Twelve years later, the Zouboukos brothers established the Elite Restaurant. In the 1950’s Paul Crechale opened his ominous restaurant, followed by Bill’s Greek Tavern.

All but the latter, are still a very prominent part of the Jackson culinary scene serving fresh broiled Gulf fish, Greek salads and a dressing and dipping sauce referred to as the kissing cousin of rémoulade, the Comeback Sauce. This versatile spiced sauce originated at the Mayflower, the oldest operating restaurant in the capital city. Maxim Magazine calls Comeback the Nation’s number one condiment! Coupled with the Mayflower’s buttery melt-in-your-mouth signature redfish as featured on the Food Network ‘s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, the Mayflower experience is second to none. More culinary charm awaits at sippjackson.com.

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