Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup

Most every Major Pure Maple Syrup Brand takes maple syrup out of a drum (mostly Canadian syrup) heats it to a safe temperature and puts it in the bottle.  We take the extra time to boil our syrup again before bottling, this brings back that fresh taste that is lost from storing syrup for more than a few months, and we lock that freshness in every bottle by packaging our syrup an average of 30 degrees F hotter than others.  We also take this time when boiling to make sure that everything is perfect, extra samples are taken and checked for color, taste and density during this heating process. 

 It is my family name on the bottle and I don’t want to tarnish that.

 “Everything Tastes Better with Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup”  – we started using this catch phrase a few years ago for two reasons – I truly believe it and I wanted customers to think of new ways to use maple syrup not just on their pancakes or waffles.  – It works on meats, vegetable, deserts and appetizer you are limited only by your imagination – May great chefs around the world now use Pure Maple Syrup in their recipes.

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Our emphasis is on family, Made in the USA and our special way of handling our syrup.

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