Polynesian Paradise

            Tahitian islands. They’re unsurpassable, unique; there’s no other place like them on earth. Tahiti is the epicenter of the cultural and political influence of the French Polynesia. With this, there is a wide variety of things to expect when visiting the island. Ancient Polynesian ancestors instilled traditions in the locals such as woodcarving, weaving, and tattooing. Bright colors and care-free lifestyles flow through the island like a large river. The Tahitian philosophy is “aita pea pea,” translated as: “not to worry.”

A more sacred place, still alive with the culture and Tahitian spirit, is the magical island, Moorea. The island of Moorea has been an inspiration for many mythical tales, and has a beauty so pristine that the locals, spending every day there, cannot even take this paradise for granted. Moorea has a small island feel to it, even with the expansion of several internationally known resorts. With two symmetrical bays and mountain peaks poking up through the pacific mist, Moorea should be on everyone’s island vacation bucket list.

Resorts in Moorea and Bora Bora, another sister of the Tahitian islands, are plentiful, and many vacation packages offer all-inclusive 5-10 night stays. Sign up for ATV adventures through the islands, sit down for a private sunset dinner on the beach, go snorkeling, and enjoy every night’s sleep and morning cup of coffee in your own private over-the-water bungalow. This is the place where honeymooners dream of coming, where families croon over summer packages, and where snow birds venture for an escape from the cold. Looking for a suggestion? Opt for a 7-night stay in the Intercontinental Moorea resort. You can book a trip and find more information by visiting Tahiti’s website.

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