Ali Khan is a Gastronomic Connoisseur

Ali Khan is a gastronomic connoisseur. As a lover of food – from gourmet meals, to sloppy street tacos wrapped in foil – Ali is always up for scouting out the most amazing dishes, and he finds them in some pretty unique places, to boot.

Ali has been “eating fearlessly” since day one, embracing new cuisines and cultures with open arms and an eager appetite. His passion for writing was mirrored in his foodie personality, and Ali was on the fast track to becoming an internet sensation and a social media star.

“Ali lent his writing skills to lifestyle sites such as Urban Daddy and LA TACO and became a regular contributor to You Gotta Eat This.” During this time, he also launched Bang for your Burger Buck. Bang for your Burger Buck is a very successful blog that reviews burgers of all walks of life, nationwide.

Ali Khan earned his B.A. in Theater Studies at the University of Southern California, so the gift of performance was with him as well. His combination of theatrical grace, food knowledge, and writing skills landed him appearances on Food Network, including hit series such as Grill It with Bobby Flay and the Best Thing I Ever Made. Ali also aided in the development of projects for Jeff Mauro, Alton Brown and Simon Majumdar.

As the host of Cheap Eats on the Cooking Channel, Ali is right at home taking audiences on an affordable culinary tour of America. When not cruising the country for Cheap Eats, Ali spends time at home with his wife and son in Austin, Texas. In between filming, we had a chance to get to know Ali Khan a bit more, in this exclusive interview.

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