Manhattan Kansas

BBound around The Little Apple® where dining options abound

There’s an indomitable spirit among Kansas State Wildcats’ fans, a common enthusiasm to conquer the seemingly insurmountable. Manhattan shares that similarly persistent spirit as a unique Midwest dining destination, this place tucked in the resolute soul of the magnificent Flint Hills. Visit the Little Apple® … where you discover menus that pop with big, bold flavors in this most classic of college towns.

Vibrant venues are an expectation for college stops, and does Aggieville deliver! Just beyond the borders of K-State’s campus, the state’s first shopping district palpitates with game-day activity. “The ’Ville” thrives on lively nightlife and equally energetic, eclectic hangouts where generations of K-Staters gear up for big games. Start at So Long Saloon with the Chipotle raspberry and black bean dip, so tasty it slides down the gullet as easily as the fruit beer Nancys (Old Milwaukee and pineapple juice, a local fave).

So Long shares its kitchen with Taco Lucha taqueria, and this lively, tightly-confined joint — “funky space with a patio” — cranks out salacious Mexi-style street eats. Another cozy hangout, Rock-a-Belly Deli has been dishing out delectable sandwiches for a quarter century. “Belly” has sold more Westerns than Warner Bros. Coco Bolos on “campus corner” delivers cantina-style, wood-fired grill selections in another hip environ (Bolos Nachos: homemade chorizo, chile verde, bolo beans, jalapeños/cheese, topped with salsa del fuego and sour cream … legendary).

Once the college crowd commandeers Aggieville, Downtown Manhattan is another palate-pleasing place, where Harry’s Restaurant remains the unchallenged king of the castle. The palatial Poyntz royalty sizzles with the appeal of 25 years’ dining excellence and Harry’s SommSeries tasting events. Cross the street to Hibachi Hut, where hibachi-grilled burgers became an institution along with Cajun-style cuisine.

Newer still, Bourbon and Baker adds a Southern flair with small-plate selections like chicken and waffles topped with a rich, dripping glaze of maple syrup. Delectable! The latest addition to MHK’s Man-happy menu is Tallgrass Taphouse, an 11,000-square foot brewpub with wide selection of trendy taps and unique fare.

Set your taste buds to “max-out” in MHK, expect exemplary Midwest flavors and enjoy the rest!

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