Indulge in Italy

The mere mention of Tuscany and Florence makes us salivate. The classic cucinas that are drizzled throughout the rustic lands of this breathtaking place are what we’re here for. We want the authentic pasta, the gnocchi, the crostini, the pressed olive oil. More so, we want to savor every bite with the comfort of knowing that every ingredient is fresh and local, and that the entire thing was made by our own hands. The history of Italian cuisine is so enthralling that we must dive right in to every aspect, so that we may understand how each bite consistently brings us more bliss than the last.

Embark on a culinary tour here to visit producers of prosciutto, balsamic vinegars, parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses, and of course, olives and grapes. Certain tours include vineyard tastings and the opportunity to press your own olive oil, which makes for extremely well-rounded foodie satisfaction. You can even hunt for truffles with the hound dogs!

Speaking of truffles, the white variety, which is found in Italy along with other varieties, is a delicacy and sought after by many chefs around the world. You can take a completely separate tour to exclusively hunt truffles and learn how to incorporate them in meals and why they’re such a decadent addition to anyone’s list of ingredients.

Take a paired cooking class after collecting your prized truffles to learn how to use them in Italian cuisine. The cooking classes usually last for 2-4 hours (longer times apply for hand-rolling pasta) and come complete with local wine tastings during the process.

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