Coastal Cuisine

Imagine a world in which an abundance of fresh seafood is always available, always baked, boiled, or grilled to perfection, and always nearby. For a seafood lover, the delicious possibilities are endless in this sort of heaven-on-earth. While you may not be within arm’s reach of freshly caught Maine lobster, you can make a few seasonal stops and selections when traveling the U.S. for fine seafood dining.

Take our word for it, as we’ve scoured the country in search of the best oyster bars, the grooviest crab shacks, and the most elegant all-you-can-eats. When visiting places like Long Island, South County, and Houston, there’s no doubt that fresh seafood delights aren’t too far away. Follow us as we cruise the coastlines and pop in for a bite at these amazing establishments. This is the one exception, where you truly can have your (crab)cake and eat it, too!

San Francisco

California is, without a doubt, a great place for fresh fish and shrimp, but if you’re looking for a culinary specialty in regards to our favorite aphrodisiac, you’ve got to try out the Hog Island Oyster Company. Hog Island is known for farming their own oysters or purchasing from local outlets to produce the freshest oysters possible.

What to order? Try the Hog Island Sweetwater oysters to start, as they’re a classic choice and still “the star of the show.” If you’re starving, go for the Oyster Po’ Boy with creole potato salad. It’s a seasonal item, but holy moly is it worth planning a vacation around!

Long Island

Roslyn, NY, of Long Island, is home to the original location of the Limani, a Mediterranean-inspired seafood restaurant that offers innovative dishes in an elegant atmosphere. The second location can be found in NYC at the Rockefeller Center.

What to order? The whole menu! But if we have to choose, we’d go for the whole fish/fresh cuts option, where you can hand select your entrée right from the display and have it made to order. Yellow Fin Tuna with Egyptian sesame crust or the Fagri from Greece are both winner-winner fish dinners. If you can make it for Sunday brunch, the menu is exquisite. The cost is $50 per person, and includes a wide variety of all the signatures, like Greek Paella, steamed lobsters, pasta-your-way, and more. Along with the featured items, they also offer an assortment of traditional breakfast foods, like freshly made French toast and Eggs Benedict.


Charlestown, Rhode Island, holds in its palm a precious gem of a buffet. The Nordic Lodge is what we’re swooning over – “where you’re treated like royalty at a buffet fit for a king.” Since 1963, the Nordic Lodge has been owned and operated by the Persson’s family.

What to order? It’s a buffet! For roughly $100 per adult, you’ll get soft drinks and an all-access pass to the endless assortment of seafood, sides, and desserts that you could ever want. We’re talking all-you-can-eat lobster, bacon-wrapped scallops, stuffed shrimp, lobster bisque, conch salad, and so much more.


What’s in Houston? A lot of awesome stuff, but more importantly for our focus: the REEF Seafood Restaurant. REEF was named #1 Seafood restaurant in the U.S. by Bon Appetit, so we had to see what all the hype was about. REEF is known for their extensive wine collection and their sophisticated take on all of the classic seafood dishes, as well as some original creations that are well worth a second visit.

What to order? The 3rd Bar Plateau, which is a sampler of sorts that includes the best selection of oysters from the chef – “all things salty and raw.” For dinner, try the Jumbo Crab Cake with Taqueria Style Pickled Vinaigrette; you won’t be disappointed.


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