Chef Tom Colicchio

What makes a truly exquisite meal? The ingredients, fresh and locally-grown, play their part as the stars of the show. The combination of precise measurements and perfectly timed sears and scorches certainly make their “mark.” But who is the mastermind behind the symphony? Who orchestrates the harmonies and composes the menus to bring bliss to our taste buds? It is the chef.

A round of applause to another gastronomic genius, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, of the award-winning steakhouse: Craftsteak. Chef Colicchio began his journey as the executive chef at Mondrian. He then ventured into the opening of the Craft restaurants, of which there are several themed establishments, including ‘wichcraft, a sandwich chain, and the popular Craftbar. We mention Craftsteak for its outstanding atmosphere and amazing use of fresh, locally farmed ingredients, and an in-house dry-aging room for the beef.

unspecifiedSJ6AWIT8Craftsteak is located in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The sleek, modern setting, from the bar to the formal dining area, is one that will be hard to forget. The décor is dark and rich, and the accent lighting adds just the right amount of glow for a romantic, yet sophisticated atmosphere. A cocktail lounge and a beautiful full bar await guests as they arrive, and the selection is divine, a perfect match for the MGM Grand.

The Craftsteak menu changes daily to incorporate the best seasonal ingredients, and rotates accordingly, so you’ll never grow tired of the selection in front of you. Examples of what to expect from Craftsteak include the chef’s beef selection, which we recommend. A Japanese A5 Wagyu surf & turf, with a filet and your choice of lobster or seas scallops, sounds like the way to go. Ask about the wine pairing with this three course menu, and try the brown butter carrot cake with maple ice cream, apple carrot jam, and cream cheese mousse.

Chef Tom Colicchio has earned prestigious awards, including the James Beard Foundation award for “best new restaurant,” and maintains three stars for his Craft venture.

When in search of a fine dining experience, you’ll want to check reviews, maintain an open mind to try new cuisine, and hold fast to your sense of adventure. If your decisions lead you to visit either of these restaurants and their amazing chefs, or to perhaps make your way to another exquisite establishment, we encourage you to share your knowledge! We consider chefs to be food gurus, and master conductors, and we all know that food just doesn’t taste good without the addition of a little love. These chefs love what they do and pour every ounce of energy into perfecting their skillset to better serve us, and most of all, to please our taste buds!


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