Chef Gary Danko

The chef’s hands and intellect, their skills and expertise, their dedication and unfailing efforts, are what bring us the meals we remember. From the time we were young, growing up and savoring mom’s homemade specialties, we’ve learned to appreciate the comfort that food provides us with. Now, we’ve graduated from the pot pies and casserole delights, to something far more artistic in every sense of the word. Whether you’re dining in Pueblo, Colorado, or heading to one of the hidden gems of the Carolinas, like Mount Pleasant, you will find a dish that captivates your mind and leaves you wanting more with every bite.


Chef Gary Danko is one of these culinary masterminds, and considered to be a top contender in the restaurant industry. Danko began learning the ins and outs of the kitchen with his mother in New York, and quickly moved on to bigger and better things with Madeleine Kamman, his French cuisine mentor. With the help of Kamman, Danko flourished in the area of French culinary artistry, and built the foundation for his legacy.

Chef Danko graduated from the Culinary Institute of Hyde Park in New York, and soon opened his restaurant Gary Danko, in 1999. Seventeen years later, and still going strong, the Gary Danko Restaurant is a Michelin rated establishment, and received the rare honor of being a Relais & Châteaux designation, an elite inclusion that solidifies the restaurant as a unique and luxury experience. Not many chefs can say that they have earned this prestigious sash, so when you visit the Gary Danko, you’ll walk through the doors knowing that good things are to come, both in experience and refined gastronomy.

Upon entering the Gary Danko, which is located in San Francisco, you’ll notice the calm and sophisticated atmosphere in which you will dine. With hanging orchids and lilies, and beautiful original works of art spreading throughout the dining room, a warmth will overcome you, and it won’t be coming from the kitchen (yet). The golden wood accents and the rich pops of red that contrast the white table linens and carefully crafted glassware will accompany your appetite with fervor, and before you take a seat, you will be in an aesthetic nirvana.

With an extensive wine and cocktail list – well over 50 pages – you will want to take a look at the selection ahead of time, and maybe even peak at the sample menu online. The Gary Danko makes wine pairing easy, and also offers by the glass, by the bottle, and by the half-bottle, to accommodate a variety of guest needs and wishes. Their selection ranges from North American reds to French and Spanish sparkling whites. They also have an after-dinner list by the glass that will top off your night with a palette cleanse and a final moment of bliss.

When preparing for a dining experience with the Gary Danko, we suggest the tasting menu, where you’ll get to sample a variety of signature creations. Some examples of these magical dishes include glazed oysters with Osetra caviar, zucchini pearls, and a lettuce cream. For the entrée tasting selection, we drool over things such as the seared filet of beef with potato gnocchi, Swiss chard and Stilton butter. For dessert (along with your wine!), there is plenty to look forward to, including a lemon soufflé cake with crème fraîche panna cotta and a raspberry sorbet. The five course tasting menu is modestly priced at just over $100 per person, and offers to supplement a wine pairing with each course.

Chef Gary Danko has gained much recognition for his culinary accomplishments, including three James Beard Foundation awards.


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